Over the last couple of months, I’ve had the dubious pleasure of reviewing several key players in the UK Payment Service Provider (PSP) market, focusing on business accounts. I say “dubious” as the experience was in some instances, very frustrating and as a business owner, I would not have continued with the account if it […]

TRAVEL MONEY – Just a thought… or two

Today I received my first inbox advert for TRAVEL MONEY, and I loved the fact that for once, the small print wasn’t too small. But it also made me wonder how many people actually read it!


From my previous blogs and posts, you may have gathered that I am rather passionate about the customer experience 😊. I recently had a little time on my hands so thought I would contact the Customer Support of a major software brand to fix a problem with my laptop that has been annoying me for […]

Now available: Singapore

Singapore 🇸🇬 The home of the year-round summer and great street food, plus now the latest addition to our ever-growing list of supported countries and currencies. #Singapore is now available in our international remittance comparisons and contributes to our overseas research programme.

Rebrand Alderson Consulting

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new and blue Alderson Consulting #brand! As we grow and expand our reach across the globe, it felt fitting to take the opportunity to have a fresh look and feel, and a brand that will grow with us!

Ola brasil!

Just like the carnivals of Rio, we are launching into our latest market in full festival fashion – hello Brazil! We will be focused on diving deeper into retail banking and going further with our exploration of the international payment market. A aventura continua!

And now Malaysia!

This week we formally launched our first research programme in Malaysia, continuing our exciting work identifying the true cost of international remittances.

International Payments – Japan!

We are all very excited this week as our price comparison research on behalf of TransferWise has “hit the press“. As you know we are passionate about transparency, fair transaction fees and of course, a great customer journey so we had great fun examining this new market. What was interesting was that whilst opening an account was […]

The True Cost of International Payments

So, we’ve had an interesting couple of weeks researching international payments for businesses i.e how much does it really cost to receive payments using those companies that offer a helpful little button on your website. Whether your business is large or small, the idea that payments (and therefore, cashflow) can be made easier by using […]