TRAVEL MONEY – Just a thought… or two

Today I received my first inbox advert for TRAVEL MONEY, and I loved the fact that for once, the small print wasn’t too small. But it also made me wonder how many people actually read it!  So from me to you, a few words of advice re your travel money purchases in the coming months, just in case you don’t!

  1. Research – If like me you do like to do the whole SHOP AROUND thing using the internet, THIS IS IMPORTANT, not all brands offer the same exchange rates online as they do in their branches. Check the small print. Shout out to M&S who included a warning in their Ad and NOT in really small print!


  1. Take a Minute – It may be MORE CONVENIENT to pop to your local Post Office or your local supermarket to grab your cash, but you may not get as many pesos for your pennies! Take the time to SHOP AROUND for the best exchange rates… oh… and beware the last-minute purchase at the airport, it can be costly!


  1. Cash is not always king – Do you actually need it all in CASH? There are some brilliant pre-paid / debit cards for the discerning traveller, offering attractive exchange rates with additional comfort for the budget conscious. By having to consciously top-up your currency balance or card before your go on holiday or of course, whilst you’re away, you ensure you don’t accidentally overspend.  You also avoid the nasty surprise of transaction fees when you get home and receive your bank or credit card statement! But again, it’s worth a little time to research the best card for your plans – SHOP around for the best rates; top-up fees; and of course, mobile app support so you’re not frantically trying to get access to a computer so you can check your balance etc whilst away.


  1. And just in case you DO come home with some unspent money along with your suntan, make sure you’re not charged a fortune to exchange it back to your home currency.


If you actually do manage to get away this year, I hope you have a wonderful time… be sensible and be safe! 😊

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